Company Background

We are a unique company in the sense that we have been on both sides of the business and technology. As such, we understand business problems quickly, and provide solutions that help grow revenues quickly and effectively.

We focus on technologies, products, and approaches that are developed to increase revenues, lower costs, and impact the bottom line.

We are passionate about information and believe that data analysis could provide insights into operations, sales, and marketing activities of a business.

We love innovation and new products – and help our clients continuously in transforming their product vision into reality.

Contact us at 424-320-0524 or email us at Let us help you build a truly amazing technology platform for your business.

Executive Team

Majid Abai

Majid Abai, founder of Concepts Rise brings a 30+ year’s track record of building, transforming, and leading domestic and international organizations to this organization. A veteran business strategist, proven serial entrepreneur and active technology investor, Majid founded Concepts Rise to help businesses develop technologies that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Majid’s technical expertise is in cutting edge technologies: including Big Data, Mobile Enterprise, Cloud Computing and SaaS Applications.

Majid co-authored the books Data Strategy and Cracking the Business Code and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CIO Update and The Los Angeles Business Journal. He has spoken at technology and business conferences globally.

Harvard Young

Harvard Young has been involved with several technology start-up organizations including most recently Pringo and MobileBits. Harvard focused on integration of information with the latest technological advances for both B2B and B2C sectors. His clients have included major entertainment, communication, finance, and gaming organizations.Harvard is the master technologies and the CTO of multiple organizations.

Masoud Abaei

Specializing in Program Management, Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Information strategy, Mr. Abaei has led several project management and architecture teams in major corporations. With over 20 years of information technologies experience and vast understanding of several different verticals, Mr. Abaei has consistently appraised the technical needs and recommended the architectural direction of different organizations. Masoud delivers sound strategies and oversees the implementation of the strategy based on agreed upon milestones. Mr. Abaei’s negotiation skills, his macro view of the goals, and his micro view of tasks have earned him several ‘awards of excellence’ from various client organizations.