Forget Big Data! Use Smart Data To Increase Profits!

With all the hype associated with Big Data, we are often asked by our small and medium size clients of whether they could take advantage of Big Data.

We respond to our clients that when it comes to data, wisdom and smart are much more important than size. What we call ‘Smart Data’ is the information that is relevant, actionable, measurable, and concise – and often resides within the company’s databases or is easily accessible from external data stores.

We help our clients identify Smart Data within their organizations and how such data could help them impact the bottom line. You can also use Smart Data for near-immediate increase in profits and performance within your organization:

  1. Customer Targeting: Use your customer and purchasing history to develop better track of your best & worst customers, and to develop better products and services that could serve your best customers.
  2. Right Hiring: For a very limited cost, you could use smart data to help you in Right Hiring – hire the right person for the right position – within your organization.
  3. Competitive Advantage: You want to get ahead of your competition? Use the data within your databases and inexpensive external data to beat your competition.
  4. Cost Reduction: Analyze data within the ERP and other practice management systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and recover losses that could happen within the organization.

One last note: Smart Data starts from business. We need to know what you are trying to achieve before jumping into a technology solutions.