Part-Time and Interim CIO and CTO Services

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Has your business grown to a level where you truly need a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and/or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - but can't afford the expense yet? If that's the case, we can help! We offer [...]

Innovation Consulting

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We simply help companies innovate effectively, consistently, and continuously. We find many companies innovate once, enjoy the fruits of their innovation, and then stop thinking! Concepts Rise consultants work with our clients' executive teams to keep them thinking about new [...]

10 Steps of a Successful Business Continuity Plan

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As part of our engagements with our client organizations, we always ask about the organization’s business continuity plan. We ask this question regardless of the size of the company, or our level of engagement. Answers often sound something [...]

IoT Data Integration and Analytics

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Internet of Things definition: The vast network of devices connected to the Internet, including smart phones and tablets and almost anything with a sensor on it – cars, machines in production plants, jet engines, oil drills, wearable devices, [...]

Information Security Analysis & Advisory

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Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. If you aren’t completely confident in your information security posture or your ability to manage IT risk, talk to [...]

Big Data

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With Over 25 years of managing massive amounts of data, our team is the best partner for your company to develop, manage, and implement Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Information Analytics projects. We utilize the most experienced specialists, [...]

Software & Platform Selection & Implementation

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For a one-stop solution to tool and platform selection consulting, your organization needs a team that cuts through the sales hype to determine which tool or platform best suits the project, the organization, and the team. Because we [...]

Mobile Enterprise

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Concepts Rise’s Mobile Application team possesses comprehensive technical & business acumen capabilities. Its skilled professionals are able to meet the high development standards of the iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Tablet. Our team offers multitude of services, including [...]

IT Management

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Our team members work directly with business & IT executives to reduce IT costs and increase the effectiveness of IT department and IT projects across the organization. Concepts Rise’s IT Strategy and Management Services include: IT Assessment IT [...]

Predictive Analytics

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How do you build a predictive analytics platform systematically? That’s where we will make the most impact. Our advisors work with business executives to determine the needs of the company, build a solid approach, identify the most suitable tools [...]